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Application Requirement

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Email us at ITPassExpert@gmail.com, and we'll send the payment as well as the installment procedures once we get your request..

After the completion of the first payment, we'll complete the test for you within 5 working days.

and let you check the test result in Microsoft MCP Website (https://mcp.microsoft.com/mcp)

How to check the results: Register Microsoft MCP Account

After this, you can proceed with your next payment until all the necessary tests have been passed. (if you take more than 1 test).

Pass Microsoft MCITP Certification no MCITP Exam Training

Most people get attracted to pass MCITP exam because of attractive MCITP salary packages. They are ready to pay even more than prescribed MCITP certification cost to pass this exam. BuyITCerts is a world famous company providing Proxy IT Test Taking Services that allows the aspiring candidates to pass the test to get MCITP certification without any exam. You will be examined by our professionals at the test centres especially developed for this purpose.

We, at BuyITCerts, try our best to provide instant and safe services to our clients who want to make their career as Microsoft Certified IT Professional. We have many test centres all over the world where most of the IT related exams are provided. We have helped more than 5000 clients so far in getting MCITP certification through our great professional services.

BuyITCerts works with a number of authorised and leading test centres all over the world as their partner. We are able to give quality services to our clients, on the basis of this partnership. We can help you in obtaining the certificate of Microsoft MCITP irrespective of the location of the candidate. You can pass the MCITP exam without covering any MCITP course with the help of our professionals and the best level of convenience provided by us. 

Our ways to pass MCITP

One can pass the exam of MCIPT with 100% guarantee without going anywhere for MCITP training and test in just three simple steps. In first step you will have to use our Testing Program t check your certification and email us. Sending required information along with payment to us will be your second step. And the final step allows you to pass MCITP exam within 5 days. You can check your result on our official website. We also promise 100% money back in case you fail to pass MCITP certification exam, so you do not have any kind of risk. We guide our students through MCITP PDF files. Our results for MCITP 2008 and MCITP 2012 exam were 100%. 

Remission of the cost of MCITP certification 

We accept the MCIPT certification cost through all the leading online payment options of the world to make it easy, safe and quick as well as to avoid the chances of fraud and developing trust and confidence in our customers. 

Other services provided by BuyITCerts

Along with Microsoft MCITP we also provide services for various other IT certifications including MCSA, MCITP, MCITP, MCSD, MCPD and MCTS as well as certification exams of various other companies. The exams of all the certification courses including MCITP course passed through our testing centres assure you to get your certificates directly from their parent companies. Results of MCIPT and other exams can be verified from our official website. We promise to return your MCITP certification cost, if you fail to pass the exam through us. 

So, you can start your career as Microsoft Certified IT Professional and earn handsome MCITP salary after completing MCITP course successfully through us. We at BuyITCerts enable you to earn attractive MCITP salary at reasonable MCITP certification cost. 


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