Question 1: What is your service? Is it an online course?

No, we don't offer any online training courses. We're an exam agent that will help you get an IT certification with a 100% passing rate.

Question 2: Is this illegal?

No. Our services don't cover any governing exams, such as IETLS.

Question 3: In case the test location is not the same as the country of origin, will there be any problems?

Since the details of test location won't be visible in your certificate, this wouldn't make any difference at all.

Question 4: Are these exam records registered at Cisco/Microsoft?

Since we'll take the exams for you at the authorized testing centers, you'll be classified as a regular candidate, and so, your name will appear on official records.

Question 5: Will I receive certificates, badges, and certification wallet in my name?

Yes. You'll receive a full package of welcome kit, delivered by Cisco/Microsoft.

Question 6: What are the payment methods?

We accept Western Union, Money Bookers, Moneygram, and bank transfer.

Question 7: How can I know the service progress after payment has been made?

We'll email you the results within 5 working days. In case you don't hear from us within 10 days, please do send us an email.